FDA Cover Up

Excerpt from Dan Burtons speech in congress dated May 5, 20003

Mercury is one of the most toxic minerals found in nature, second only to radioactive materials. Dental amalgam consists of a mixture of powdered metals (alloy) and liquid mercury, with mercury constituting 50 percent or slightly more of the amalgam by weight. After the ingredients are mixed and inserted into a cavity, the mixture quickly hardens. For many years it was thought that after amalgamation, the mercury was permanently bound to the other ingredients and was rendered inert. However, during the last 30 plus years, scientists have come to realize that small amounts of mercury continuously leach from amalgams, and that the leaching may go on for many years.

It should be noted that mercury is an element. It cannot be broken down or changed into a different substance. Whether in its vapor, liquid, or solid form, mercury is still mercury.

The human body does not have an effective filter or elimination system for mercury, since it is a substance that humans were not designed to ingest. Moreover, mercury in the human body accumulates over time.


Here is a link to congressional hearings in 2002 regarding the dangers of mercury in dental fillings.  How on earth are we still placing deadly mercury in peoples mouths?


Here is the Watson Burton bill introduced again: