Autism Speaks Lies About Mercury Poisoning

Unfortunately this group seems to act as if mercury isn't a factor in autism.

Here is what they say:

Mercury is a ubiquitous environmental toxin.  

FALSE!  Mercury is not everywhere nor should it be everywhere.  Is their use of a big word, ubiquitous, supposed to make me respect their intelligence?

 Medical science has known of potentially grave effects of high dose mercury exposure since the late 19th century.

FALSE!  They have known from the late 18th century, they are a hundred years off the mark.  

it became possible for a six month old infant to have been exposed to a cumulative dose of organic mercury that exceeded certain limits set by government health agencies

Talk about downplaying the facts.  The mercury in vaccines is thousands of times the allowable limit for mercury in the water.  Vaccines are shot directly into the blood stream thus avoiding the digestive tract which might be able to dispose of the mercury.

Perhaps they might want to do some research on Eli Lilly, the maker of Thimerasol

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