Chelation Therapy for Children with ASD- Review

Here is the summary for the above article.

“The reviewers found no high-quality evidence to suggest that chelation therapy is an effective treatment for improving ASD symptoms. The study had a high or unclear risk of bias and the quality of evidence was poor. Based on the potential harm of chelation therapy and no proven benefits for children with ASD, it should not be recommended as an alternative treatment for ASD.”

The first experimental group only has one week of chelation therapy, the second group has the equivalent of 3 months (12 weeks) of therapy.  Considering that chelation can take 2 years or more to rid the human body of mercury, why would they expect their study to have different results?  The first group has 1/100th the length of time, 1 week vs. 104 weeks (2 years), and the 2nd group has only 12 weeks vs. 104 weeks, 11.4% the length of time of standard chelation therapy.

Notice they don’t mention the period of time over which the children are monitored. It’s this kind of misinformation that is rigged by the establishment to “prove” that mercury does NOT cause autism, that mercury has nothing to do with autism.

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