Hair Analysis

New York State has made it illegal to do a hair test analysis.  Even doctors can not order the test.  Why would this be?

Here is their reasoning:

seeks to ensure the accuracy and reliability of results of laboratory tests on specimens obtained within the state through on-site inspections, proficiency testing and evaluation of the qualifications of personnel of state permit-holding clinical laboratories and blood banks. The proper performance of diagnostic laboratory tests is a matter of vital concern, affecting the public health, safety and welfare of all NYS residents. Clinical laboratories and blood banks provide essential public health services in aiding the medical practitioner by furnishing information invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Substandard performance of such tests may and has contributed to erroneous diagnoses and/or the selection of inappropriate treatment protocols.2

This is excerpted from this article:

We understand that Complete Nutrition and Wellness in NJ can order the test.  Here is their web site.