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For me, the solution to the following problems will be to cut out the middle men, and go direct to your farmer whenever possible.  Know your grocer.  Consuming Walmart bleached garlic from a tightly sealed plastic container is a very bad idea. 

Watch out for products from China.  Rice doses have some sulfur in it, and this could explain why mercury will bioaccumulate in rice, or any other thiol foods.  Thiols foods have lots of methionine in them.  Methionine is a sulfur-based amino acid.  We want lots of sulfur, we just don’t want it loaded with mercury or any other toxin.

I would be careful with any foods from China high in sulfur. Garlic is loaded with sulfur, so I would not eat any bleached garlic cloves, and this would include the pure white bulbs of garlic you see in the grocery store.  If the roots are not on the bottom of the garlic, don’t buy it.
Another problem with China's coal: Mercury in rice

This is a scary article, and I'm not sure its very well researched. I had previously looked into the phone rice info and found that was not substantiated.
Beware Of These 9 Foods From China That Could Be Contaminated

"...When Dr. Mehmet Oz reported high arsenic levels in multiple samples independently tested for his television show. More than half of the apple juice consumed in the U.S. comes from China.


Oz was taken out to the woodshed by a number of experts and authorities, including the FDA. ABC News’ senior health medical editor Dr. Richard Besser called Oz’s claims “extremely irresponsible.”

A few weeks later FDA admitted that it had withheld many test results which did, in fact, support Oz’s claim. Besser apologized to Oz on national television, and soon after the FDA collected about 90 retail samples of apple juice. According to FDA documents now available, the levels reported by Oz are consistent with those detected by the agency in samples from China and Turkey."
Heavy metals are poisoning Chinese food.  Here’s how that affects yours.

The solution to these problems is to know your farmer whenever possible.  Buy from local grocers with locally grown produce.

Foods that we normally eat help us detox, foods like cilantro, garlic and onions, they will be high in sulfur.  I did find this NY times op-ed article. Know where your veggies are coming from.  If we can help it, we don't want our foods growing down wind from the coal plant, next to the interstate, and down stream from the acetylaldehide plant, tannery, or paper mill.
Don’t Eat Your Vegetables

To avoid bioaccumulating mercury in yourself, do not consume large predator fish like tuna.  Avoid farmed fish.  Try to keep the size of your fish smaller than 9” to 15.”
Mercury In Fish

The Weston Price Foundation is a good source for locally grown and raised foods.
Find A Local Chapter


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