The Mission of Mercury Free Kids is to educate the public on the dangers of mercury poisoning with the goal of having all children mercury free by year 2020.

We advocate zero tolerance of the mercury poisoning of our children, of our families, and of our environment. Knowingly mercury poisoning life on earth is one of humanity’s greatest crimes.  Immediate goals of Mercury Free Kids are to have governments, enterprises, and individuals the world over acknowledge the following:
--No mercury may be used in any product unless there are safe channels of disposal.
--Human ingestion or absorption of any amount of mercury constitutes mercury poisoning.
--Implanting neurotoxic mercury in human teeth is a crime.
--Injecting into the human body any amount of mercury, including trace amounts, is a crime.
--Governments the world over must pay for the safe removal of poisoned metal dental fillings.
--The chloralkali mercuric-cell process, also known as the Castner-Kellner process, must be made illegal. Even though there are other safer alternatives, numbers of these plants throughout the world still produce caustic soda, chlorine, and bleach, containing residual mercury. This mercury-tainted caustic soda is currently used in producing high-fructose-corn syrup, and other corn and food products. Chlorine with residual mercury is currently used in the killing of microorganisms in our stored grains, and municipal water supplies. The tainted bleach is used in the bleaching of our rice, flours, and bleached paper products.