Dr Shade vs Andy Cutler on Thiol Rich Foods

When I had long term lyme disease I learned to stay away from sulfur rich foods.  I thought I wa s allergic to them.  Much of what I was told that was good for my immune system would give me an immune response with swelling, night sweats, and brain fog.  I now believe that sulfur rich foods were picking up mercury in my mercury toxic body, and then the mercury would break free and wreak havoc on me. 

Dr Shade recommends consuming Whey and Chlorella to bind with mercury.  Andy Cutler writes that Whey and Chlorella only have single thiols with which mercury may bind, thus creating a very loose bond from which the mercury may easily break away and cause additional damages.  As of today, myself and my wife are no longer eating whey as Dr Shade suggests.  We stopped Chlorella about 3 months ago and have been closely following Andy Cutlers protocol.  However, Vanessa has been having inflammation and Fibromyalgia like symptoms; time to stop the whey as well.

Dr Shade writes:

The first requirement for effective mercury detoxification is boosting your glutathione levels. Most forms of oral glutathione are not effective because they are destroyed in the digestive process. But you can consume foods that contain the precursors of glutathione so that your body can make more of it — specifically, cysteine-rich foods. The absolute best source is high quality whey protein. This whey must come from the "clean" milk of organically raised cows, and not have been overly processed, which denatures the fragile proteins. 

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Andy Cutler writes:

Stay Away From Sulfur Rich Foods including Glutathione and Dairy.